City Review: St. Thomas USVI

Longboard Dancing in St. Thomas USVI

St. Thomas is one of the American Virgin Islands, just east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. It’s sunny, sandy, and warm all year round – but how is it for longboard dancing?

Longboard Dancing in St. Thomas USVI sucks
Trying to get some longboard dancing going in the Caribbean

Longboard Dancing in St. Thomas USVI Overall Score: 1

  • Riding through the city: 1
  • Specific spots for longboard dancing: 1
  • Longboard dancing community: 1
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability: 1

Riding through St. Thomas on a Longboard

Forget it. Generally around the island, the roads are quite rough and not smooth, the island is extremely hilly, and in the nicer parts of the island you’ve got to deal with cobble stones and other forms of old world faire that don’t serve our wheels very well.

Best spots on St. Thomas for Longboard Dancing

The only real place you’ll find to do any sort of longboard dancing on this island is primarily the parking areas of the bigger resorts. They’re newer, and as such the pavement seems to be a bit newer.

If you’re up on the East side of the island, Margaritville has some decent pavement you can jam on.

St. Thomas Longboard Dancing Community

I am pretty certain I was the only person on the entire island who had ever heard of the term longboard dancing. Don’t expect to find anyone here to skate with, I looked long and hard, and did even see another board at any point in time.

Alll by myselfffffff

Getting proper gear and equipment in St. Thomas

You won’t find any skate shops on the island. If you do end up here for part of a skate trip, be sure to bring everything you’d need.

Summing it up – St. Thomas

I would not recommend going to St. Thomas at all for a skate trip, it is just not equipped for it at all.

No nice boardwalks to ride along the beach, no community, no shop, just not the greatest longboard experience.

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