[REVIEW] The Nahoa V2 from Odyssey Board Co.

How does this affordable complete setup out of Singapore stack up to more expensive setups?

odyssey board co logo on nahoa v2 nightfall

The folks over at Odyssey Board Co. based in Singapore were kind enough to give me one of their new Nahoa V2 Nightfall complete setups so I could do a review on it! Big thank you going out to Odyssey for sponsoring this board, and being open to honest feedback 🙂

Video Review for the Nahoa V2 Nightfall

Hit this link to check out the video review on YouTube!

Let’s get straight to business…read on if you want the typed summary.

Things I loved about this board

  • Amazing aesthetic design with the Nightfall edition. I really loved the black on black on black.
  • High quality board for a great price.
  • Light setup
  • I enjoyed the flex, and you will too if you’re in the weight range of 50-75 kgs.
  • Super Gnarly-POP! It’s not hard to get this guy in the air, and it’s a ton of fun doing so!
  • Singapore X Singapore, the brand and the artwork is all from the lovely island nation.
  • Great price for a complete setup, IF you’re based in Asia / Pacific region
  • Odyssey plants three trees for every board they sell.

Things I didn’t so much enjoy about this board

  • Wheels and trucks don’t feel to be too high quality. They’re not bad, but don’t compare to known brands.
  • Bushings are rated 85A, but feel MUCH softer than this.
  • Flex is too much for heavier riders.
  • Price savings are negated, once you’re not geographically located in Asia / Pacific Region.

TL;DR – Who should buy this board?

If you’re a beginner longboarder on a budget AND you’re already based in the Asia / Pacific region of the world, the Nahoa V2 is something I can recommend with all my heart. It’s a great little setup at a more than fair price, and you get to support small business and the environment.

The board itself is wonderful, and I think for light freestylers or people who mainly dance, this is a deck you can enjoy for a long time that can grow with you. As you progress, If you decide to upgrade the trucks and/or wheels, and change the bushings to match your weight and style, you’ll have a really nice little setup that will be a ton of fun to ride.

Intermediate riders who already have trucks and wheels they love that are looking to try something new, I’d also recommend just ordering the deck from Odyssey and giving it a go. Throw your existing parts on it, and go shred this little guy.

There it is, the Nahoa V2 Nightfall from Odyssey Board Co in all it’s glory

TL;DR – Who should not buy this board?

Sadly, anyone outside of the Asia / Pacific region of the world is probably not a great fit for the board. The main benefit and the most lovely thing about this board is it is a great entry into the sport.

Longboards and all the parts are expensive, and it’s a huge barrier to getting started for many people.

Once you’re outside of the Asia / Pacific region, the shipping and customs costs you’re likely to incur are going to negate many of the savings with getting this setup.

At that point, I would say it makes more sense to just add another 60-100€ to your total costs to get a proper setup from a board maker more local to where you live.

Questions? Hit me in the comments, I’m happy to help out!

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