Simple Longboards Review: The Edina

Because it's simple - it always has been.

In the summer 2019, I was in the middle of a board crisis feeling super confused about my setup. I had little idea which board to get next!

It was indeed a very spontaneous (and fortunate) decision to get my first Edina: my friend was planning to order one and knowing my struggles she asked if I’d like to get the same board. Obviously, I said yes and I’ve been in love with the Edina ever since!

If you are in a similar situation trying to decide which board to get next, I hope this post is helpful especially for those who can’t test the boards before buying them. I also asked for an expert’s view, and I’m sure you’re interested in what the owner of Simple Longboards has to say about the Edina!

Simple Longboards Edina specs

Before continuing the love story of the century, let’s dive into the technical stuff a bit. The Simple Longboards website provides the following specs:

  • Length: 118 cm (46.5″)
  • Width: 21,5 cm-23 cm (8,4″-9″)
  • Wheelbase: 73.5 cm (28.75″)
  • Kicks: 14 cm (5.1″)

First of all, I find the board extremely versatile. The length is very suitable for landing some bangers (not that I would land any lol) and this is further facilitated by the remarkably light weight of the board. In fact, the first comment I usually get after someone new has tried my board is “wow, it’s very light!”.

Moreover, as I’m a heavily dance-oriented skater, I also require quite a large area for my moves. The Edina fulfills my dancing needs length-wise just great. Several Peter Pans in a row? Not a problem. Sketchy backwards cross step? Got it! I can comfortably land space-demanding stuff such as push-off pirouette without running out of space.

In fact, the first comment I usually get after someone new has tried my board is – wow, it’s very light!

– Every person who tries my board lol

About the shape: the Simple Longboards Edina has the classic wasp waist figure making the board narrower from the middle. For reference, the width of dancer decks is usually around 23 cm.

I personally enjoy the narrower mid-part because it helps me perceive the position of my feet on the board.

Unfortunately, I lack the technical understanding behind the shape of the kicks but the Edina is asymmetrical resembling a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal – the platypus!

The nose is slightly wider narrowing towards the end and the tail is more like a straight, well, tail making pops smooth and snappy.

Additionally, it’s very convenient to travel with the Edina, especially by plane! If you are as neurotic about following the baggage dimension rules as I am, the board fits perfectly within the usual size limit of 158 cm (LxHxW). Now we just gotta hope that it’ll possible to organize and participate in international skate events soon…

My journey with the Simple Longboards Edina

I got my first Edina (the black one below) with a light flex. I was very happy about the board since it felt great and reliable. Though I soon realized that the soft flex wasn’t quite my cup of tea in general.

My previous board had light flex too so I wanted to try something stiffer next. In the end, choosing the flex has a lot to do with one’s personal preference.

my first simple longboards edina, black on black baby.
All black everything

*fast forward to spring 2020* After spending a winter with a stiff Phlatypus also by Simple, I decided to downsize. The natural choice was the new 2020 edition Edina now with a medium flex. I was totally happy with the Phlaty, and I mainly wanted a lighter and smaller board for travelling (remember my neurosis about the baggage size limits?).

And I absolutely loved it! At first, the dancing space felt a bit more limited after those 127 cm I had got used to with the Phlatypus that I used to call an “intergalactic spaceship”. Anyway, it didn’t take long until the new Edina became my ultimate favorite board! I just felt stable, secure and confident dancing on this board.

My second simple longboards edina with the rainbow grip tape yeahhhhh!
God damn, that veneer!

Riding this board helped me to step up my freestyle game. I’m not an experienced rider nailing all kinds of crazy tricks but I felt very comfortable getting to know the world of freestyle with the Edina. The pop was effortless, the tail has endured countless no-complies and I knew it could take all my landings.

Just to emphasize how happy I have been with this board, I’m currently riding my third Edina! I was so lucky to get my hands on the new French Vanilla special edition veneer! For a moment, I was considering getting the Phlatypus again but even though I do love the Phlaty and miss it from time to time, the Edina with a medium flex was my choice once more.

my third simple longboards edina with the vanilla veneer
French Vanilla

The professional view

In addition to my personal experiences, I also wanted to add a professional view to learn more about this fantastic deck. Therefore, I had a chat with Werner, the owner of Simple Longboards! He was very kind answering my questions and sharing his own thoughts about the board:

The Edina is our freestyle dancer, very stable no matter if you’re just starting or throwing down banger tricks. The flex is subtle yet lots of fun while cruising and dancing.

– Werner from Simple Longboards AKA The “Dude”

Since so many people have told me that my board feels super light, here’s the reason: “The board only weighs 2.1 kg and therefore, can be considered a real featherweight ????”. Now you know!

Thanks Werner for taking your time to reply and making these beautiful boards for us to shred!

To put it simply

The Edina from Simple Longboards is super versatile and that’s what I love about it! No matter if you wanna dance, do tricks, cruise, if you are a beginner or a pro… It’s a lovely and great-quality board for many purposes – and the most pleasant travel companion!

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