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The reason why I’m here today is to give you an exhaustive review of the city of Nottingham, which I don’t know about yourself but personally I think that boarding in the lands of Robin Hood or outside Bruce Wayne’s mansion for that matter, has a special feel to it.

The city itself is very vibrant. The streets are rich in creativity, from graffiti to musicians, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Most importantly, there’s smooth tarmac and it covers a lot of miles.

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Ready for a Sesh?

Longboard Dancing in Nottingham Overall Score: 3.75

  • Riding through the city: 5
  • Specific spots for longboard dancing: 5
  • Longboard dancing community: 3
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability: 2

Riding through Nottingham on a Longboard

Nottingham is situated on an area of low hills along the lower valley of the River Trent and it’s surrounded by Sherwood Forest in the north. You’ll come across a few hills especially if you’re in Carlton. However, on the bright side, there’s over 30 miles of smooth flat roads for you to discover.

Rolling through the city centre can be a bit of a hassle at times, especially during rush hour. You’ll have to play a little bit of people dodging, which I don’t recommend as you’re putting the safety of others at risk. However there’s loads of short cuts scattered around the city that will help you avoid rush hour. If you’re in the mood for something a little bit more scenic, near the river Trent there’s miles of roads that were originally built with cycling & running in mind but in all honesty, they’re perfect for Longboard Dancing. It simply doesn’t get any flatter or smoother than this.

Best spots in Nottingham for Longboard Dancing

Here’s a list with a few good spots:

Queens Walk

Victoria Embankment Childrens Cycle Track


University of Nottingham

Wollaton Hall

Tonton Lane Tram Stop

Nottingham’s Longboard Dancing Community

The local Facebook page is called Nottingham Longboarding & it provides the perfect environment to meet like minded people who will most likely tag along whenever you feel like going longboarding. This community was almost non-existent until the beginning of 2019, however it’s getting there and it’s becoming fairly active.

Sessions will pop up every once in a while whenever the weather allows it and If you’re lucky, you’ll be joined by a onewheeler or two. So if you’re new to Nottingham, don’t be shy. We’re always happy to help you learn a new trick, recommend gear or celebrate your victories with you, no matter how small that progress might feel like. We’re a unit!

Getting proper gear and equipment in Nottingham

As usual, you can find absolutely everything you need for skateboarding, however the same doesn’t apply for Longboard Dancing. Locally, there’s a few complete setups available, which might be helpful, especially if you’re new to Longboarding.

For more advanced riders, there’s a selection wheels & bushings available for purchase at FourtyTwo Shop, the service is Insanely good and you will not find a friendlier group of staff that’s willing to learn more about your skate skate style. What’s not available in-store, will happily be ordered for you & arrive within a few days. Besides that, you’re pretty limited in choice. Therefore, most longboarders tend to get what they need online. A resource you can try is Facebook. It has a very active market place.

Summing it up – This is Nottingham mate!

Skating in Nottingham is awesome regardless of being done solo or in group. Whether you’re exploring the city rich skate heritage or it’s scenic environments, you’ll be most likely cruising through some very smooth roads which will surely make a pleasant memory.

Don’t forget to take a break! There’s loads of Venues, pubs & gigs that you can enjoy while you’re visiting the city. Most importantly don’t forget to say hello to the community.

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