How to do a cross step on a longboard

cross stepping is important for longboard dancing

Many consider the basic cross step the key foundational step to learn on a longboard, because it accomplishes many things at once:

  1. It gets you used to the concept of walking on your board.
  2. It introduces you to various balance concepts that you don’t get from just cruising.
  3. It’s a good sequence to learn that can “count” to – meaning, like in traditional dance forms, you can count the steps to a beat in your head quite easily.

There is a TON of information and videos out there on how to do this step. BUT STOP, look no further than the tutorial I’m going to list below! It’s been produced by Adam Colton, considered one of the godfathers of the sport, more than 10 years ago. But the video is super clear with its instruction, and it is hilarious to watch as well.

Behold, the best longboard cross stepping video ever!

Get the cross step, get the eldery ladies.
Here’s me landing one of my very first cross steps, courtesy of the genius of Adam Colton. (Unfortunately, I did not get an eldery ladies as a result of my cross step)
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