[VIDEO] What is Longboard Dancing all about for you?

what's longboard dancing all about to you?

While we were at the 2019 360 Paris Longboard Dancing Open we were lucky enough to be able to talk to many riders at the event, and as them the question:

What is longboard dancing all about for you?

It was a sporadic project we put together, and we cut some of the clips into a little video which you can check out below. Apologies on the poor audio, but the whole video was made with an iPhone 8 only, and the background noise at the event was always super loud.

All the feels

What’s longboard dancing all about for you? Let us know in the comments!

About Shawn Segundo
Shawn is the founder of Longboard Dancing World and is also an avid longboard dancer. When he's not boarding or building this community, he can be found doing other marketing stuff professionally, or trying to find the best vegan cakes in Leipzig.

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