[VIDEO] The Vegas Chapter

Visiting a new city means new video!

We had a week in Las Vegas where, even in winter, the temperatures mid-day are still skateable.

We got a bit overzealous and hit the strip at the morning golden hour…Vegas is a highly elevated desert, so at the time we were at an even 0 degrees celsius! But it did warm up through the day.

Sadly, Vegas seems to have no community at all for longboard dancing and freestyle. We checked forums, Facebook, and even went into a couple local skate shops to see what people were up to. No go 🙁

We also had a to get a bit creative filming here, as our cameraman also cannot skate…and actually doesn’t really know much about filming either haha. But hey, we get by with what we can, better than no video right?

Have you been to Vegas? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments1

Enjoy the video!

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Shawn is the founder of Longboard Dancing World and is also an avid longboard dancer. When he's not boarding or building this community, he can be found doing other marketing stuff professionally, or trying to find the best vegan cakes in Leipzig.

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