[VIDEO] Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld and her unconquerable vibes

Trying to capture this iconic spot's feeling and emotion

capturing the vibes on berlin's tempelhofer feld

Back in April of 2014, I experienced Berlin’s legendary Tempelhofer Feld (English – Tempelhof Field) for the first time. The place is an iconic spot in the German Capital for locals and tourists alike, and in the last six years, I find myself just as captivated by this landmark as I ever have been, especially since I have gotten into longboard dancing.

For those unfamiliar with history, the field is a former airport that played a vital role in Europe in the era proceeding WW2. It has since been decommissioned as an airfield, and is now a public park.

I’m not going to go too in-depth with the history of the field, as there’s an abundance of that already online written by people far more qualified than I am

But being that it is a former airport, what does that mean? It means lots of lush green patches of grass to chill in, charming old airport buildings and paraphernalia, and lots and lots and lots of glorious former plane runways that can be used for skating, cycling, running – really anything you want.

Tempelhofer Feld as a skate spot

For those who practice disciplines of skate that require long patches of nice smooth asphalt without an incline, the field is PERFECT for that, and has carried a bit of a cult following amongst the skate world.

With the exception of being susceptible to rain, the spot has no flaws. It is huge, there’s an abundance of places to lay out and chill all day, there’s people all over the place from all over the world you can connect with, there is food and toilets nearby, and you can easily and very joyfully burn through an entire day here.

Pair that with meeting some amazing people and one beautiful sunset, and you’re really in for a special treat.

That’s exactly what was experienced this past Monday. I had set out to finally meet up with Terri from Tel Aviv, who was in town visiting. As fate would have it, some familiar faces, Giulia and Achel, where also in town, along with Marina, who I got to meet for the first time, all that paired with my beloved Berlin gang made for one glorious evening.

Pair that with meeting some amazing people and one beautiful sunset, and you’re really in for a special treat.


So to capture some of the vibe and the beauty of the field, Terri and I set out with AWHOU’s very own Marshall, a very renowned film-maker in the longboard scene, to make two, one-cut videos.

The two videos you see below are just that. Two takes, one down the field in landscape, and one back up the field in portrait.

No redos. No perfection. No film grinding.

Just some serious fun and joy on this sacred skate ground. Enjoy!

Part 1

Then Landscape Edition

Part 2

The Portrait Edition
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