[VIDEO] The Polish Adventure 2

Another short post to highlight a new video!

I was lucky enough to catch another weekend in Warsaw, and linked Asia from Eternity Longboards again to do some skating and to film more of the city again.

If you enjoyed the first Polish Adventure, I think you’ll dig this one as well.

Really cool for me to see my progress as well after coming back from my broken foot. The first Polish Adventure took place just 2.5 weeks ago or so, and at that time I was just re-learning how to ride comfortably at speed again, and just barely getting back into stepping on the board.

Amazing what your body can do, if you listen to it and let it do what it needs to do. I feel like I’m about 90% back to form.

Let us know in the comments what injuries you’re battling through, or have already battled, or just what you love about Warsaw!

Without further ado, the video

More fun awaits you in the Polish Capital
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