[VIDEO] I fell in love once. Her name was Barcelona

[VIDEO] I fell in love once. Her name was Barcelona

Longboard dancing in the Capital of Catalunya

I had the pleasure to spend the last part of February in Barcelona with Berlin Ambassador Franzi and Stockholm Ambassador Robin.

For those who have never been there, you should know that Barcelona is one of the best skating cities in the world.

Not an exaggeration. At. All.

Seriously, it was end of February and during the day we were still enjoying 17 degree centigrade weather, the city is mainly flat, you can skate alongside the beach, and there is even an active Docksesssion in Barcelona.

Seriously, book a trip there. Go. You won’t regret it, just check out our latest video below to get a pulse of the city.

Check out our longboard dancing video in Barcelona below

Barcelona is seriously where it’s at.
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