[VIDEO] July 2020 Longboarding Days & Nights Recap

longboard dancing in portugal

I got to participate in my second longboard dancing camp in Portugal last week, and it was exactly the type I needed among all this COVID-19 stuff.

If I was to summarize the camp in two words, those two words would be:


Illustration by Philipp Baumann

But let’s just let the video do the talking, enjoy!

One of the finest experiences anyone could have

My personal shoutouts to everyone from the camp

I’m trying my hardest to remember what I said to each and every one of you during the love bomb, and I think I did ok pulling the words out of my memory bank. I hope these words carry on with you forever, and let’s all link up again very soon! <3

Polina – I love that your heart is always in the right place, no matter what it is that you’re doing, be it on the board or raising awareness for injustice in your homeland.

Val – A long time ago, the sun, the moon, and the stars decided they needed to create the embodiment of compassion, understanding, and inspiration for the earth. So they packed all of these qualities into a lightning bolt and threw it towards the earth. The bolt landed roughly 400 kilometers outside of St. Petersburg, and her name Valeriya.

Axel – I love that you never became too big, no matter how well known you are in the community. I know I can always turn to you for advice or help, and every time I step on my board it feels like you’re there with me.

Philipp – I can’t stop laughing around you, I just remember you screaming at the ocean while we were surfing and since that moment just being around you makes me smile. Just being around you is truly a gift.

Lilliana – I totally admire your courage for stepping outside of your comfort zone, and being the only Portugese at an even taking place in your own country. That isn’t easy, and I respect you for that. And thanks for giving me a heads up every morning for what was vegan at breakfast.

Annina – OMG, thank you for introducing me to the world of hair braids! That’s definitely something I am going to look into doing more often. I loved seeing you come from another discipline of skating, and embracing something different and new. Seeing you play with dancing and freestyle was amazing.

Rachel – Thank you for profoundly supporting the vegan peanut butter carbonara effort, and for helping me light the stove numerous times. It was awesome seeing you still be such a part of the group despite the knee misfortune. Btw, are you saying conserve a tree or conservatory?

Cait – Within 2 minutes of meeting you, I felt like I had already known you my whole life. The way you make people aware of you, and of themselves, is something really remarkable. I really feel enriched for having had met you, and I truly enjoy our dynamic sense of humor we share so closely.

Jimmy – I know you said the window things were to block the light, but I believe we were still keeping you guys awake and you were just cool about it because you’re so chill. I loved chatting with you about random things.

Sisi – Thank you for opening up to me with my child like curiosity about your country, teaching me French children’s songs, I loved that talking to you was always like talking to a friend.

Marisa – Thank you for being my cool American counterpart and for letting me reminisce in dumb American cultural stuff that only other Americans could understand. Thank you for having a son, cuz he’s gonna be cool AF, and the world needs more cool AF people.

Pauline – Thank you for pouring your heart into people you don’t know yet. My favorite memory of you is always going to be one of the first mornings we talked, and you already opened up to me about writing and how it helps you. I cherish that about you, and I am looking forward to learning more about this type of openness with you.

Natania – You’re so graceful on the board, and so kind, and so brave for being here. I loved trying to speak to you with my nine French words during the camp, but you motivate me to learn the language. I’m never going to forget how we laughed at my baguette stuff at the skate spot.

Charlott – New Orleans is magnificent! Thank you for popping out of random places when I turn around, and for you’re amazing kindness and eagerness to help me with French. Please keep popping out of nowhere when we see each other next, I definitely need more of that in my life.

Lotti – Thank you for sticking to your German roots and being on time, despite me starting to fear we were going to miss our flight to Portugal. I’d still love you even if we missed the flight, but I certainly glad we didn’t! Keep on fighting the good fight as a nurse, and know that I appreciate what you do every single day.

Youssef – Thank you for being the kind and generous soul that you are. You’re hilarious, I love our ridiculous conversations and experiences together, and I love our shred sessions together. Always stay emotionally raw, it’s fucking beautiful man. I couldn’t ask for a better baby skate brother, and I’m always gonna have your back.

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