[VIDEO] FLASH – A Longboard Dancing Story

flash a longboard dancing story cover photo

A short post, but totally jazzed to get this up on the site today 🙂 If you read my last post on how to prepare for a longboard dancing competition, you’ll know that last weekend I was in Hamburg with some friends to participate in #HLO19.

The weekend was filled with laughs, amazing vibes, great smiles, wondrous people, and just magic overall, so I decided to put my amateur video making skills to the tests, and the video below is the end result. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think about it in the comments <3 (Be sure to kick it up to 1080p)

FLASH – A Longboard Dancing Story
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Shawn is the founder of Longboard Dancing World and is also an avid longboard dancer. When he's not boarding or building this community, he can be found doing other marketing stuff professionally, or trying to find the best vegan cakes in Leipzig.

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