An Interview with Koffi Company

We at LD.World love everything ethically produced and longboard-related cool stuff. That’s why I got so excited when I heard about the German clothing brand called Koffi Company for the first time.

Their Instagram bio mentioned sustainable, eco-friendly, Fair Trade, plastic-free and planting one tree per purchase PLUS all their products looked super skateable!

Also, interesting was that they seemed to be closely linked to the longboard community, so of course I had to find out more and bombard the owners Joseph and Philippe with questions!

That black shirt would be perfect to wear at
HELdance sessions!

10 questions for Koffi Company

Describe Koffi Company in one sentence.

KC: KOFFI is a sustainable brand for clothing and outdoor products that gives back to nature by planting one tree for each sold product!

How did you come up with this awesome idea?

KC: After working together with many different companies we had the motivation to create something own. Our main concern was that we wanted to have fun working while keeping our environmental footprint as low as possible and having a positive impact on communities around the world – the sustainable outdoor brand KOFFI was born!

How is Koffi Company connected to longboarding and what is your longboarding story?

KC: Longboarding is what got us to love skateboarding and its worldwide community – as former team riders for major brands like Original Skateboards and Orangatang Wheels we got to know more about insights of brands.

At that time we came up with the idea of our own brand. Now in the beginning we are focusing on outdoor products such as clothing and several other useful products – also, our dream is to develop longboards and skateboards in the long run!

I think there’s not enough sustainable skate wear/apparel to choose from. How’s the situation in your opinion? Is there something we could do about it?

KC: This is absolutely correct! Luckily, many brands have made the decision to develop into a more sustainable direction. For us the biggest accomplishment is to raise awareness about why it is important to work towards a green, sustainable future.

By raising awareness and explaining the matter of this subject to communities the first steps can be done. In the end, people are the ones to decide for themselves in what kind of future they want to live in!

What inspires you in terms of fashion?

KC: Our biggest goal is it to develop long-lasting, timeless styles and not flood the market with several fast fashion products that are no longer current within the next year! KOFFI is all about making an impact to our community and to this beautiful planet we call our home – this is what we want to communicate through our products!

For sure we are working on more design oriented fashion: by working together with international artists we are finally able to release our first design collection soon – also here our mission is it to raise awareness towards environmental issues. For us fashion is a way to spread messages towards positivity and creativity!

How would you describe your relationship with nature?

KC: All of us have a solid connection with nature! We love camping or just spending time in the woods. In Germany we are lucky to still have large forest areas compared to other countries where deforestation has taken further steps.

Continuing to engage in the worldwide reforestation projects is our mission statement and if we continue our efforts towards this we could see amazing wildlife reoccurring all over the world.

What is your goal: How many trees are you aiming to plant?

KC: In 2020 our goal is to plant 1000 trees and we are on a very good way to reach this goal soon. Our next goal is it to crack the mark of 100.000 trees. In the long run, our goal is to plant 1.000.000 trees worldwide.

The work of other tree planting companies have shown that crazy things are possible if we all work towards the same goal – we are in this together!

Share your top 3 sustainable clothing brands with us!

KC: Bleed Organic Clothing, Ethletic, Lucy & Yak.

What kind of plans do you have for the future?

KC: Our biggest goal is it to plant as many trees as possible and also engage in other environmental projects besides tree planting!
Towards 2021 we are going to move our whole clothing production to Europe and are looking to develop sports clothing besides the lifestyle clothes we already have! This is only the beginning – stay tuned! We have crazy plans coming up very soon!

What is the main message you want to send out there to the longboarders around the world?

KC: There is hope for a green future! If we all work together we can achieve this very soon! Everybody should start choosing brands & companies they are supporting more wisely – by raising more awareness towards environmental issues we can all achieve making this world a better and greener place!

As I said, their clothes look super skateable!

Wrapping it all up

It’s so encouraging to see companies putting so much effort into being as sustainable and ethical as possible. I’m truly inspired by the work of Koffi Company and looking forward to seeing how their new products, especially the longboards, will be! I want to thank Joseph and Philippe for doing amazing job for our environment and the community – and of course for this lovely interview!

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