City Review: Longboard Dancing in Győr

Learning more about the amazing scene in Győr

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Győr is not the first city that comes in to mind when someone mentions Hungary but probably comes first when someone says the word longboard after it, but before we go into that part let me just say a few words about this city.

Why do I find this city so fascinating you may ask. Well, beside its outstanding culture, it is well-known about the four rivers (Danube, Rába, Rábca and Marcal) that goes through it, which is basically the reason why Győr is called the City of Waters.

This place is also in a great place, because it is halfway between Budapest and Vienna. It has many beautiful sights, and the people here are very friendly, so if you are looking for a place to longboard, but you find Budapest a little bit too overwhelming, Győr will be the perfect choice for you.

It’s nice, isn’t it?

Longboard Dancing in Győr Overall Score: 4.75

  • Riding through the City: 5
  • Specific Spots for longboard dancing: 4
  • Longboard community: 5
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability: 5

Riding through the city of Győr

Riding through the city with a longboard is quite easy because of the long and high-quality cycle paths that leads you through Győr and you can ride next to the river Danube which is an insanely great and breath-taking experience when you come here first.

It is very easy to ride in the city centre but it is a little bit difficult to do the same in the suburb but it still has the perfect ability to use the roads there if anyone wants to get to work, or to school or even to the spots where you can practice your longboard skills without any problems.

I mean, who wound’t want to cruise here? (Photos by @orosznetti)

Best Spots for Longboard Dancing in Győr

The best spot in the city (or even in Hungary) for longboard dancing and freestyle is the Dunakapu Square. It has the perfect length and wideness, the ground is flawless and we use this spot to practice this sport almost every day, and I can proudly say that other riders from around Hungary come here when they have the chance.

It is easily approachable from anywhere, you can find restaurants, shops cafés, just only for a few pushes away from here. There is a wide variety of places where you can take a break between two tricks, you can sit on the benches, on the stairs or you can choose our favourite place next to the stage where we usually hang out.

This place is not only the best for riders, because of its placement, but the whole environment around it. Everyone is friendly, you can see families, and dogs walking around and having a great time without bothering any of us.

check out this sweet longboard dancing spot in GYŐR
As you can tell we have a “little” space for longboarding. (Photos by @photo_projekt_)

There are some days when we are not able to use our favourite spot, but it’s alright because there’s a “back-up” spot in our hand the Széchenyi Square. This square is smaller than the Dunakapu Square but still has the same high-quality you are looking for when you are searching for a place to ride. The only problem with this spot, is that it has less places where you can take a break when you need to.

Győr Longboard Dancing Community

I am honestly very proud of our community which is growing bigger and bigger everyday, and I am so happy to see that more people are interested in this sport that we adore. Our group is pretty well-known in Hungary in the Hungarian longboard community.

We ride almost everyday at least three or four hours at the Dunakapu Square. Our group is not that huge yet, but despite that, I could not dream about a better squad than these guys since we are not only friends but almost like a family.

We stick together, help each other and other riders in Győr to learn new tricks and we also here to help our and others development in this sport. Different competitions, night rides and other programs are usually done by our group. We always having fun, laugh a lot and welcome everyone who would like to join us.

So anytime you would like to visit our beautiful city to see how cool it is to ride here, definitely contact us here: or just come and hang out with us at the spot you are more than welcome any time.

Getting Proper Equipment in Győr

Fortunatelly I can say when it comes to getting equipments in our city we are in a prerogative situation since here we have a local longboard and skateboard shop literally for two streets from the spot called SZKEG Board Store.

Here we can get ourselves high-quaility equipments and merch products for favourable prices. They are shipping world wide, so you should definitely check out their website:
The staff in the store is very friendly and are there to help anyone who comes around.

Photo by @csng.gyrks

Summing it up Győr

So as a summary at the end, if you would like to do a session in a beautiful place with a great community I advise you to come and visit our city Győr, get in contact with me or with the arrabona crew and well, we are looking forward to ride with any of you.

And by the way, it is worth to follow the crew’s Instagram and Youtube channel, because we are planning many exiting thing for the future!

Special shout out to my sister Antónia Orosz (@orosznetti) for translating this article, and helping me. Love you!

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