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Singapore is a country that is known as the Little Red Dot, but we’d prefer to call it the Little Skate Spot. From the vibrant city paths to park connectors that links one part of Singapore to another, a potential skate spot anywhere. If you ever visit Singapore, be prepared to be in awe of our diverse cultures that interlace through the city.

Dancing through the crowd at a light show! Cr: @frenzy_frames

Longboard Dancing in Singapore Overall Score: 3.6

  • Riding through the City: 3.5
  • Specific Spots for longboard dancing: 3.5
  • Longboard community: 3.5
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability: 4

Riding through the city of Singapore

We are a country where the connectivity is so high that you could actually travel from one end of Singapore to the other on a longboard.

Here is Danial, a long-distance rider from Docksession Singapore who has completed a route from one end to the other more than 20 times over the past 3 years. It takes about 4.5 hours to travel half of the outskirts of Singapore itself. This really showcases Singapore’s intertwining paths and accessibility via Park Connectors.

In Singapore, we have car-free sundays every 2-3 months. The idea is to block off certain routes in the city for the public to enjoy cycling through the city area on sunday mornings. Our community participates in this event quite frequently and it brings a change of pace to the constant hectic and bustling lifestyle of Singapore.
Push hard & Go far

Best Spots for Longboard Dancing in Singapore

Shoutout to the Longboard community in Singapore for constantly being on the lookout for more skate spots.
Here is our top 3 spots:

Marina Bay Sands (Central Singapore): We’re starting off with the most picturesque skating spot in Singapore. The path passing by Marina Bay Sands is very smooth, thus encouraging you to longboard dance your way through from one end to the other. Given that the route is at least 3 kilometers long, you will be able to enjoy the scenery of both the city and the southern outskirts of Singapore. We occasionally have Docksession at this location from time to time and even weekday evening sessions despite the bustling crowd of tourist coming to enjoy the light show.
The start of an amazing night!

Hillion Mall (West Singapore): Right in front of a mall is a long stretch of smooth ground that is almost the same length as SYCLD’s competition area for longboard dancing. Situated in between Singapore’s subway system (MRT, aka Mass Rapid Transit) and the Hillion Mall itself, the spot is easily accessible via Singapore’s subway and food is just right beside it in case you end up getting hungry after a good skate session.
A blast from the past!

Stadium; 100 plus track (Central Singapore): Dock session Singapore’s regular skate spot. The 100 plus track circles around Singapore’s National Stadium that allows the public to jog on. The smooth track allows longboarders to actually dance really well on as seen on one of our rider, Esther’s Instagram post.
Esther grooving on her Tortuga!!!

Singapore’s Longboard Dancing Community

The Longboard Community in Singapore is diverse for a country that is merely a size of a city. We have many different crews here in Singapore, from Docksessions Singapore to Good Vibes Skate Crew, each having their own regular activities. All of them are friendly so fear not if you are a beginner. There is no line drawn between skill levels of each individual crew member as each individual is unique in their own ways. Each community, each crew & each group have common goals & interests even though each of them look up to a different rider. And it is here that people meet and connect, be it as friends or rivals or in some cases, love.
So if you are planning to visit Singapore and looking to cruise or meet people from all walks of life, do let us know. This is your Singapore Ambassadors, Javier & Nicky, signing off.
Skate safe: Pop High & Stay Fly.

Credits to our crew.
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