City Review: Longboard Dancing San Jose

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San Jose is a huge city. It is filled with lots of buildings and people. San Jose isn’t really as well known as all the other cities in California like San Francisco and Los Angeles, but it is the heart of Silicon Valley and it is where a lot of the tech is built! It is also so diverse and really a great place for adventure if you know where to look!

Longboard Dancing in San Jose Overall Score: 3

  • Riding through city: 3
  • Specific spots for longboard dancing: 4
  • Longboard dancing community: 1
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability:4

Riding through San Jose on a longboard

San Jose has a population of about 1 million people, which can make it hard to skate around. Depending on where you live, the sidewalks and streets can be uneven and a bit difficult to ride on. A lot of times the streets are crowded, but going to parks, schools, or parking lots provide big open spaces to skate!

Best spots in San Jose for Longboard Dancing

San Jose State University (downtown): I skate here everyday to go from class to class and it is big enough to dance and skate around. The pavement is pretty smooth, especially around the library. During the day, the school is filled with students, but typically after 5pm, there is barely anyone there, making it a great place to dance/ skate.

City Hall (downtown): This is probably my favorite to skate! There is a big smooth area around city hall that is just perfect for longboarding. It is typically not busy so you can go during most times of the day and you have a large area to longboard on.

An overview of what the area at city hall looks like

Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park (downtown): This park has a great stretch of concrete that is perfect for longboarding, personally this is my favorite place to go because of the beautiful fountain that you can also skate and walk through.

plaza de cesar chavez
A view of this beautiful longboarding spot

San Jose’s Longboard Dancing Community

The community here in san jose is pretty small. I see people longboarding around school, but the subgroup of longboard dancers is even smaller! I actually do not think I have ever seen anyone longboard dance, but there could be people out there! Skateboarding is a lot more popular here, so seeing other longboarders is actually kind of rare!

Getting proper gear and equipment in San Jose

Like I said earlier, San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley, I actually bought my board online. There are a few board shops here, but most of them only have skateboards. One skateshop that I love is called Ohana skate shop. It’s in the willow glen area of san jose. It has skateboards, longboards, protective equipment, and wheels. It is a great place to go if you’re looking to start!

Summing it up- San Jose, have a longboarding day!

Skating in San Jose is so fun! SO please go longboard and reach out to people! Grow our community!


  1. I just got into longboard dancing during shelter in place last summer. I like to go to martial cottle park in South side off Snell. I’ve met a few other people who also recently picked up the art/sport and it’s always good vibes. Come thru!

  2. Thanks for the info bro I’m also new to San Jose and jusg got a meepo elongboard. I love it, I long boarded down the canyon trail park bike trail it was a great s.mooth surface and through a beautiful waterfall. So I came across this info and I’m actually on my way to skate at the park you recommended.. Thanks bro be safe out there and have fun in San Jose it is a great place to skate Thus far

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