City Review: Krakow

Longboard Dancing in Krakow

Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland and is filled up with pubs, monuments and obviously skate spots.

Longboard Dancing in Krakow a story about shredding well
Jamming at the Stadium Spot in Krakow

Longboard Dancing in Krakow Overall Score: 3.5

  • Riding through the city: 3
  • Specific spots for longboard dancing: 4
  • Longboard dancing community: 4
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability: 3

Riding through Krakow on a Longboard

Krakow has a population of 800 000 people, which means that sometimes it is really hard to ride through the city on the peak hours. But most of the day it is fine. Another issue is, that almost all the roads and squares in the old town are covered with bricks. This makes it really hard to ride there, but outside of the centre the ground is smooth and comfortable.

Best spots in Krakow for Longboard Dancing

Here in Krakow we have several spots that you can skate. My favourite spot is near the stadium of the local soccer team “Wisla Krakow”. The spot is really nice, has a really long road with no cars and smooth asphalt. Here are other awesome longboard spots:

Here’s a list with a few good spots:

Sheraton Hotel is a good spot for some Shred

If you are not a freestyle longboarder, you will also find some beautiful spots for cruising. Especially enjoyable are these three, in my opinion:

Krakow Longboard Dancing Community

Longboard dancing community in Krakow is strong and growing. We have special meetings called “Fat Thursdays” when we all meet up for riding, talking and just enjoying ourselves. Everyone in here is chill and nice. It makes no difference if you are a pro or just a beginner. Even if you do not own a board just come with no fear and say Hi!

Getting proper gear and equipment in Krakow

In Krakow the equipment for skateboarding is available in several shops, but with longboard equipment is not that easy. There is one good longboardshop where you can get any equipment, decks, trucks, wheels etc. The shop is called BC24 and is located in district of Krakow called ,,Kazimierz”. People who work there are super chill and will happily advice you to choose the best stuff for you.

So…when we gonna see you in Krakow?

Summing it up – Krakow

If you are still wondering if you should come to Krakow, don’t forget that the city has a lot of different things to offer other than longboard and you will never be bored here. You should check some local webs to keep you entertained and one more thing, remember we will be more then happy to meet you and show you around. So definitely come and say Hi to our community.

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