City Review: Longboard Dancing in Budapest

Hungary for some good longboard dancing? Oh god that was a bad joke...

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They say Budapest is the 4th most beautiful capital in Europe. Well, I don’t think this is true. In my opinion, it is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities of this whole world.

longboard dancing in budapest can be beautiful
Now you know what I am talking about

Longboard Dancing in Budapest Overall Score: 3.75

  • Riding through the City: 5
  • Specific Spots for longboard dancing: 4
  • Longboard community: 4
  • Longboard dancing equipment availability: 2

Riding through the city of Budapest

I think it’s pretty fun to go through Budapest with a longboard under your feet. There are some long roads with beautiful buildings next to them. The only issues are with bikers… they think they own the whole bike path and they can be really rude sometimes. However there’s a lot of space on these roads, so most of the time you can ride undisturbed.

My favorite place to ride is the Buda quay, or as we call it „The Rakpart”. Here you can go through the city along our river, the Danube. The ground here is really smooth and comfortable. To make it more interesting while you’re riding you can see lots of beautiful sites, like the Hungarian Parliament or the Buda Castle. And you can also cross the bridges and ride on the other side of the city called Pest, which is also beautiful.
You can believe me that all these things are truly beauteous, because I ride through the city almost every day.

one of budapest's glorious roads that can be used for longboarding
The Rakpart in Autumn

Best Spots for Longboard Dancing in Budapest

Here in Budapest we’ve got a few pretty good and cozy spots. In the heart of the city, on the Margaret Island has the biggest number of longboarding spots. Most of the time this place is really crowded, but there’s space for everyone. The asphalt is nice and smooth and there are only a few cars and buses.

My favorite longboard dancing spot can be find next to the MOM Cultural Center. This square is pretty long and wide and it has got a ground with really good quality. Here you can meet some young skaters who are really awesome. The only problem is with the small kids who play there with their parents sometimes.

My first ever spot to find was not far from Kelenföld Railway Station. The ground there is a bit dirty and bumpy, but that’s not that terrible. My friends and I usually meet at this spot or at the ones on Margaret island.

We haven’t explored the whole city yet, so we find new spots very often. Here are the spots I’ve been talking about:

Another great spot for longboarding dancing and freestyle in Budapest
The spot next to MOM Cultural Center.

Budapest Longboard Dancing Community

Our community is getting bigger and bigger every day, there are a lot of new people who want to learn how to dance on a longboard.

We usually meet up randomly, but once a month we organize a bigger gathering. I really love this group of people, they are very funny and we teach each other new tricks, or help out the others with whatever they need. I’ve got some really good friends from here. We welcome every new member with an open heart!

So if you’re coming to Hungary don’t be shy to contact us, we don’t bite!

Getting Proper Equipment in Budapest

Here in Budapest there are no longboard stores, but we’ve got a lot of skate shops, and those are well-equipped.

So we have to travel or rent stuff online. The only longboard shop in the country is 1,5 hour-long train journey from Budapest, in Veszprém.

But it’s worth travelling there if you’ve got time. The people in Szkeg Board Store are really nice and helpful. You will find everything you need.

Summing it up Budapest

If you’re wondering whether you should visit such a small country’s capital, the answer is yes! Not just because you can go longboarding with such great people on such great sites, but because this city offers you so much more than you could imagine. Small stylish and cozy cafes, theaters, cinemas, beautiful places, exhibitions and a lot more. So I just want to say that you really should give it a try.

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