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nicky singapore

I’m Nicky, and I’m also a proud member of the Singapore crew. Maybe you’ve seen us around 🙂

How long have I been longboard dancing?

1.5 Years

What’s my current dancing setup?

Deck – Pepper board flow
Trucks – Paris savants
Wheels – Blood Orange Liam Morgans

Taking it back to the roots

What motivated me to start longboard dancing?

To dance and love the beauty of longbording. To realize there more in life that we can explore and dance around the beauties of this world.

What’s been my favorite longboard dancing experience thus far?

Competing in Singapore first competition then going to Taiwan to experience a different environment.

What’s my favorite move to do on a longboard?

Aero Flip

What cool things do I like to do, other than longboard dancing?

I love to eat and dance. Hangout with friends and sight seeing the beauty of this world.

How can you get in touch with me?

Hit me up on Insta – @vongolawd

Singapore, you so sly.

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