Melvin / Bodegraven

You all know Eindhoven, but should you find yourself in Bodegraven in The Netherlands, be sure to hit up our ambassador Melvin.

How long have I been longboard dancing?

3 years

What’s my current dancing setup?

Dasilva Hux – Paris v2 – Travelol 65mm 
Decathlon Totem 500 – Air trucks – Travelol 60mm 
Simple Yusuf – 6 Inch gunmetals – These ATF 65mm 
Haven Flow – Air trucks – Travelol 60mm

That alternative though…

What motivated me to start longboard dancing?

Skateboarding was a bit of a toxic world and unfriendly for me as beginner. I enjoy dancing more as I combine it with daily commute.

Travel along the country’s cities – our cities differ in skate scenes.

What’s been my favorite longboard dancing experience thus far.

SYCLD & Paris 360

What’s my favorite move to do on a longboard?

No comply big and bigger spins.

What cool things do I like to do, other than longboard dancing?

Chill and talk to people. Meet foreign people.

Currently developing a videogame.

Passionate about food and tech as well.

How can you get in touch with me?

Catch me on Insta – @Vanskateren

Style for miles

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