Javier / Singapore

I’m Javier, and along with Esther, I’d be happy to show you the dancing scene in Singapore!

How long have I been longboard dancing?

2.5 Years

What’s my current dancing setup?

Kiwi from Timberboards, Paris Savants with Purple Nipple bushings and Travelol wheels.

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One Pop is all it takes; The Kiwi flies!!! ????: @_fflow

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Kiwi in the air!

What motivated me to start longboard dancing?

I used to be a dancer. So the idea of dancing on a longboard was intriguing and i wanted to go far and know what kind of challenges i will face with longboard dancing.
Also, I gain inspiration from a rider I look up to. His name is Achel and i really do enjoy watching his videos..

What’s been my favorite longboard dancing experience thus far?

Entering the first ever competition in Singapore and placing in 3rd.

What’s my favorite move to do on a longboard?

Ninja Flip, or maybe the Aero Spin

What cool things do I like to do, other than longboard dancing?

Video Editing (Vlogging) & Tattoo Art Design

How can you get in touch with me?

Hit me up on Insta – @jave_dalcatraz

Always rock the Docksession shirt!

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