Carolina / Praia Grande

Carolina / Praia Grande

Should your longboard dancing travels take you the Southeast region of beautiful Brazil, be sure to hit up Carolina to get in a session together.

How long have I been longboard dancing?

7 years

What’s my current dancing setup?

Cush Board / Hondar Trucks / Hondar Wheels

Cruising one of the local spots

What motivated me to start longboard dancing?

I saw some videos of girls riding that giant skateboard on YouTube a while ago and just loved the vibe!

What’s been my favorite longboard dancing experience thus far.

That was a day when I went to make a video of myself riding my board and a few kids sat down on the ground to watch my ride carefully and after they said to me that was beautiful and a little girl asked me for an autograph, that was funny cause Iโ€™m not famous or anything, haha but that was just adorable! ๐Ÿฅฐ

What’s my favorite move to do on a longboard?

Peter Pan, I find it really fun to do and everyone loves it!

What cool things do I like to do, other than longboard dancing?

I like playing the guitar and singing, just for a hobby.

How can you get in touch with me?

Catch me on Insta – @cah_board

Just Peter Pannin’ it up. NBD.
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