Antonin / Gap


When you find yourself in Gap, I can show you where we can go dancing!

How long have I been longboard dancing?

8 months

What’s my current dancing setup?

Loaded bhangra V2 flex 2
Caliber2 184mm 50° gris
Blood orange jammerz 66mm 82A

A classic

What motivated me to start longboard dancing?

I’ve been looking at pictures and videos on the Internet and on social networks, and that is how I bought my first board!

What’s been my favorite longboard dancing experience thus far?

I took part in the: 360 longboard dancing open at Paris in France.

What’s my favorite move to do on a longboard?

No comply 540 fakie shuvit

What cool things do I like to do, other than longboard dancing?

I like playing guitar, and sports! And also spending time with my friends.

How can you get in touch with me?

Email me, or find me on Insta – @entteau

Cruising along in Gap

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